Tesla’s defection to the Union over a decade ago was not the deathblow to the Imperium’s technological developments that perhaps he might have assumed. At the direction of the Kaiser, Tesla’s facilities in Graz were commandeered by the Knight-Luminaries of the Teutonic Order.

Over the next few years, a variety of inventions emerged, some ultimately proving to be stunning (and at times explosive) failures. Others, however, such as Heinrich Ruhmkorff’s refinements to Tesla’s arc coil technology have revolutionised the military might of the Imperium.

One of the most impressive (and resource intensive) wundertech was from the Knight-Luminary Karolina Sanders. Sanders, a specialist in the construction of fortifications and other major architectural projects, and her proposal drew upon this expertise. Taking the Imperial council outside to the large fountain, she demonstrated a scale model of a supermassive vessel. This craft, which she named a ‘super assault carrier’, was built to carry nearly three Commanderies’ worth of Armsmen and war-machines, not to mention supporting weapons and even a supply train. It would be one of the largest vessels ever conceived, let alone built, the ship came to be known as the Eiskalte Schönheit or Ice Maiden; the name was coined in jest during Sanders’s demonstration, but Karolina herself found it appealing, ignoring the jibe, and so the title stuck.

Though only the Ice Maiden herself has been confirmed in action, seen taking the fight to the Russian Commonwealth, there are rumours that she is but the first of a number of near-identical super assault carriers that the Imperium is planning to deploy across the globe...

The Prussian Imperium: Ice Maiden Super Carrier Miniature is a goliath measuring 260mm in length. To ensure the highest possible quality the main body of the ship is cast in a single mould, which eliminates any pesky mould lines.

This product contains

  • 1x Prussian Imperium: Ice Maiden Super Carrier Miniature

  • Multiple customisation options

Key Features

  • Length: 260mm

  • Components: 15 parts plus additional optional add-ons.

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