It’s been a long time coming but today Daz and Craig from the Trailblazer Team finally got to throw down!

This is the first time they have battled during the Beta Testing of our new INTO THE BADLANDS League and what a battle it was.

So without further ado, we’ll go over to the guys and find out what happened…

Mission: Supply Run

Points: 600

Special Rules: One Boss, one Posse


Craig - Union (Odysseus Grant, Alfred Woodhouse, Union Fireteam)

I decided to take my forces from the No Surrender Starter Posse and use Grants Theme Force to build the list. I had a lot of fun with these guys whilst running demos at shows and in that time have become very comfortable with their playing style.

I chose Grant to be my Boss as he can handle himself well in shooting and combat (as both of his offensive weapons are PRC -3) and he can bring Brutal and Hazardous to the party. Couple this with Murderous and Combat Master, Grant is an absolute terror!

Next up is Alfred Woodhouse - one of the Unions absolute must-haves. Not only does Grant need his butler to make refreshments and hold onto his hat and coat, Albert can call down artillery strikes whilst being near the Boss himself (yes, he is a dirty monkey - Daz) and can direct the scatter of his 72” blast Weapon.

To finish the list I added a Union Fireteam. No one argues with two Gatling Guns and a Rocket Launcher. 'Nuff said.


Daz - Hex (Carcosa Rex, Three Skinwalkers, Wendigo)

NB. at the time of play points were slightly lower so no moaning about being over-pointed!

As I’m waiting for The Dark Nation Starter Posse Set to be released I decided to go with Carcosa Rex as my Boss - he is an absolute wrecking ball!

With Unstoppable allowing him to ignore the effects of Heavy, he can fire his Gatling weapon on the move whilst Tough should keep him alive as he leads from the front in a head down bull charge!

My next choices were the awesome Skinwalkers. These guys are fast (max move of 14” when dashed and focussed!) and deadly (ROA3 PRC-2 in close combat!). Plus they benefit from the Moving Target rule - great for an assassination run or capturing objectives early in the game.

My final choice was the Wendigo - More Gatling, tougher and just an awesome model to have in my collection!

Turn One:

The Wendigo rushed forward and captured the objective on the right flank as Albert Woodhouse targeted the Skinwalkers on the left flank with an artillery bombardment. His shots were accurate and deadly, however, the essence of the Hex was not to be destroyed so easily...

One of the Skinwalkers scattered remains reformed as a Hex Beast whilst the other shapeshifters wounds knitted together and it was left unharmed!

Grant moved into cover and quickly got involved in a shootout with Carcosa, however, both parties were left unharmed by the exchange. Seeing their Boss under threat the Union Fireteam advanced on Carcosa, priming their huge heavy weapons to open fire at a moments notice…

End of turn Victory Points

Union - 0

Hex - 2

turn 1 shootout.jpg

Turn Two:

The Union forces managed to Interrupt the Hex’s plans to press the attack. The Fireteam opened up on Carcosa with a hail of brutal shots - all of which hit - but, as the smoke cleared, Carcosa Rex remained unharmed (he passed 12 grit checks thanks to Tough) and stunned at the fact that he was still alive!

With a feral snarl and a concentrated burst of fire from Nightbringer, he wiped the entire Fireteam out then swung the barrel in Grants direction... In reaction, the man in the mask shot first hitting Carcosa!

Reeling from the hits, Carcosa opened fire but Grants armour and speed saved him from any real damage. Igniting the Grant Family Blade, Odysseus hurled himself at Carcosa and set him ablaze… He prepared to deliver the killing blow but at the last minute, his attention was drawn by the sound of thunderous Gatling fire as the Wendigo gunned down Albert Woodhouse... With the death of his manservant, Grant realised he was the last Union soldier left on the battlefield...

End of turn Victory Points

Union - 0

Hex - 4

Turn Three:

Craig stole the initiative again with an Interrupt, foiling Carcosa’s plans to end Grant in combat.

Thanks to combat Master and Murderous, Grant finally brought the mighty Carosa Rex to his knees but once again the Hex Essence within the monster reformed his ruined flesh and another Hex Beast rose up from the gory mess...

The Wendigo opened up with his Reaper Gatling Gun and fired into combat. However, due to his lack of accuracy, he utterly annihilated the Carcosa Rex/Hex Beast hybrid instead of his intended target!

Seeing an opportunity open up, the two remaining Skinwalkers charged into the Union Boss and in a flurry of savage attacks tore him to pieces in short order, however, their victorious howls were cut short as the Taint within Grant healed his wounds leaving him bloodied but alive (Craig crit his Taint Check dammit! - Daz)...

End of turn Victory Points

Union - 0

Hex - 5

turn 3 combat.jpg

Turn Four and five:

Grant again won the Initiative and set about dismembering the Skinwalkers whilst the Wendigo risked firing into combat again and… utterly destroyed his own allies!

So far the Wendigo had killed more of the Hex forces than the enemy had. The Wendigo and Grant fire upon each other but both are left standing and the battle is over…

End of game Victory Points

Union - 0

Hex - 6

end of game.jpg



Although the scores don’t show it, the game was very close. Grant did what Grant does and did it very well. In the future, I will keep Albert with Grant to gain more Artillery strikes as the game goes on, but I won’t be too precious to him, he’s there to die heroically anyway.

The Fireteam could have done with more cover but most people tend to stay away from them, unlike Daz who likes to do the opposite of your usual sane opponent.

For the next round, I will be looking at adding some fast moving troops (probably some Iron Horse Cavalry) to bring even more firepower and claim or contest more objective points.


What a blast! Apart from Craig stealing virtually every Initiative from me, most things went according to plan; to grab as many objective points as possible in the early stages of the game with my Skinwalkers and the Wendigo.

Carcosa survived past all my expectations, but the Wendigo won’t be firing into combat next time as he killed more of his own Posse than the enemy did!

Next round I'll be experimenting with a new Boss and playing style with Marie Laveau and lots of ghosties...