Within the Order, Elita Nura was only recently raised to the rank of Sircan following years of service in the field as a Mimreg during the Third Phase of the Crusade. Nura's selection was initially something of a disappointment to her, as with the construction of the Apotheosis Gates she yearned for the chance to join the Cor Caroli. Unlike many of her rank within the Order, Nura was fully aware of what apotheosis to a Cor Coroli entails but this knowledge did nothing to dampen her zeal. Her fervent desire to serve the Order more fully was thus recognised by the Allshard and so Nura has been given command of the Portal Vanguard - the Astraea. 
Within the Council she is considered a fractious zealot, a suitable counterpoint to Sircan Abner. Unlike her elder, Nura believes that the last battle against the Hex fast approaches so she pushes for Phase Five of the Crusade to be enacted. As such, Nura's voice is the most extreme within the Order as she seeks to provoke a suitably devastating encounter with the Hex that would justify the declaration of Phase Five and all-out war. 

When in the field acting as the Allshard's instrument she is equally impatient to bring about the unveiling of the Order's true mission. This reveals itself as a disdain for the use of subterfuge and stealth, instead portal jumping into combat directly and taking her foe unawares with the precision application of overwhelming force against those tainted by the Hex through absorption of its essence or simply through being manipulated by the Dark Council. She finds that the seismic powers of her Luminant Staff more than capable of eliminating either type of foe.
For now her violent excesses and insistent urgings for progression of the Crusade have been forestalled by the patient testimony and sermonising of Sircan Abner but as open war looms ever closer it is only a matter of time before she gains enough support on the Council to convince the Allshard to begin the next phase of the Crusade. Nura's commitment to the Order is absolute and her greatest fear is that her faith in its mission should be found wanting in this most desperate hour, a fear whose voice she drowns out with strident calls for war. Should she learn of Sircan Abner's true reasons for wanting to stall the furtherance of the Crusade she would decry him to the Allshard in an instant and perform his permanent excommunication personally.