As many of you are aware, Warcradle's Community & Organised Play Manager, Daren, was at Adepticon this past weekend.

This is Daren's second instalment :)

The day began with the $500 scraps (my favourite level of game at the moment) which were made even more amazing by the addition of the Secret Secondary Objective Cards that Brian, Scott, and Tom had invented for the event.

I had the opportunity to fill a vacant slot in Round Three as the ringer and used a horrific Lawmen list put together by Scott... I was slightly horrified as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Jim Peterson and a Lawbot wiped my opponents beautifully painted Enlightened force off the table, claiming the circus, including animals and performers (awesome work Mac), for the win.
Here’s the winner’s list of the mornings Scrap Tournament:

1st - Matt Cerino

2nd - Lee Wendel

3rd - Bob Beauchamp

Best Painted - Eric Huffman

Best General - Eric Huffman

Most Sporting - Andrew Markell

I would have more pictures of the winners but they made quick escapes to go and prep for the next round (and probably buy more toy soldiers from the vendors).
After some pickup games, special games and a Chilli Dog (or six) the evening’s entertainment began!

Rumours of an abandoned mine, full of relics and riches, led our forces to a triplet of beautiful bespoke tables (once again, great work Mac) to begin gaming.

We were divided into two teams and had to search crates to find the promised loot whilst at the same time trying to be the first to get into the mine.

What we didn’t know was that some (if not most) of the crates were full of RJ corrupted beasties and we were set upon by rabid badgers, giant snakes, evil ticks, mutant spiders, and giant scorpions... Before I knew it, Wyatt Earp was devoured by a giant scorpion!

The game ran until the wee hours and was an absolute blast - made even better when Brian told us that the artefacts we found would be used in the following nights game which promised to be a train heist of epic proportions!

I can’t wait.
— Daren