The beta test rules for Wild West Exodus Second Edition have landed! The new edition of the game is due out in September but you don't have to wait that long to get a piece of the action. We've made the new rules available for download so that you immerse yourself straight away in the world of Wild West Exodus where gunslingers clash against mad scientists, aliens fight heroic soldiers and outlaws battle with otherworldly monsters.

Wild West Exodus, is an exciting and fast-paced table top miniatures game that will plunge you into the darkness of the savage frontier, a world far more sinister than the one from our history books. For thousands of years the progress of humanity has been influenced by opposing alien forces who seek to reshape the world for their own purposes. Through corruption or clandestine interference the world has been steered towards a terrifying new age of arcane science and heroic gunfighting set against the backdrop of a stellar conflict that has been waged for millennia!

You now have the chance to influence the development of the game. With the beta rules you can play test with your hobby buddies and help refine the rules towards their final form. Pick a faction and dive in! Will you choose the noble Warrior Nation or the corrupting agents of the Hex? If you love cutting edge technology then join the Union or become one of the mad geniuses of the Enlightened. Perhaps the alien clades of the Watchers or elite warriors of the Order are for you? Or will you round up a posse of Lawmen or Outlaws. There is something for everyone so mosey on over to the download section and get started today!