During long conversations with many a member of staff, about the faction they have chosen for WWX, a decision was made... I needed tea. I jest, I liked what I was hearing and thought we should share our inspirations with all of you!

"Maybe this will start a conversation or two, maybe it will make people see a certain faction in a different light, or maybe it will be a bit of fun" - let's hope ;)

Some are short and to the point (thanks, Jake) while others are longer and more thought out. Either way, they make for an interesting read.


The Watchers!

Inspired by the film Cowboys vs Aliens and the thought of aliens turning up and blasting the little slice of paradise into a billion tiny pieces.
— Luke
I’m working on 2 factions actually.

The Holy Order, but also the Union.

1. The Holy Order as some of them just look like Spartans from the film 300 (the giant swords help). They have portals to jump around with and one of their light support is a monowheel bike named “The Tumbler”. Not that the name reminds me of the batmobile from Batman Begins or anything, which would be my favourite version.

2. The Union as I needed a slightly cheaper army in points cost and I liked the looked of the uniform look of the Union. I’d like the whole blue uniform appearance and I’d wanted to try those colours with my airbrush. Inspired by films like Glory, and Ride with the Devil. Though it wasn’t till after I’d started collecting them did I find out they were the bad guys....

Westerns in General.

Cool beans.
— Simon B
Mehico viva la revolution!! None of those strange conquistador guys yet...

Who wouldn’t want swarms of Mexican dirt farmers running around shooting in the air PLUS there is so much character in the models. Not to mention just how many models can I fit in a game (enter evil laugh).
— Kris
Dark Nation - They have a bear with a Gatling gun!

Need I say more?
— Jake D

Keep checking for our next installment! 

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