Well, welcome back! 

We've all been busy buildin', paintin', and playin' WWX as well as preparing for the Second Edition, and we are just as excited as you!

Let's roll into the second part of the staff faction choices, shall we?

Outlaws and Merc’s.
MAD MAXX!!!!!!11!!!1!!! - To the gates of Valhalla, all shiny and chrome, Witness me!!!
— Will
I’ve been playing WWX for around a year and a half now and began my journey into the West with the Enlightened. I’ve briefly flirted with pretty much every Faction since but I’ve recently settled on Warrior Nation.

For me, it’s all about the painting and the fluff. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, the Warrior Nation range of miniatures provides me with several intense painting challenges such as non-Caucasian flesh, tattoos, animals and lots of object source lighting. These models will keep me pushing my own painting limits for some time to come!

Fluffwise, I love the idea that the Nation still fights against the unseen enemy for the betterment of all humanity... in a world driven to war by greed and personal gain The People stand proud; ready to lay down their lives for all mankind. However, the very existence of the Dark Nation tells us that the goodwill of the Great Spirit is, most definitely, not infinite...
— Daren

We tried to ask Warcradle scribe Lee what he had chosen but were afraid to get too close to the maniacal cackling laughter coming from his desk. Later, a roughly scribbled note was hurled in our direction that contained the following:

“The light of aeons past invigorates those of The Order. Ascension awaits the faithful who set foot upon the path of the crusade. Abase thyself before the Apothic Arch and become one with Order through Gnosis!”
— Lee
Lawmen, mostly because of Tombstone with Kurt Russel & Val Kilmer. It’s my favourite western so being able to put that crew together was an instant decision maker. I also love the Lawbots, they look great. I suppose I’m a sucker for the Good Guys too. Grace Myrtle also caught my eye...
— Chris P
Warrior Nation; I liked the look of Alcon the Sky Spirit and I really liked the Native American theme.
— Jake W

We'll be back, soon, with another staff update ;)