Did you tune into the Live Q&A on Friday, September 15th? If so, give yourself a pat on the back - good job! If not, that's all good - you can watch it here, right now.

Now sit down, grab a cup of tea (or a coffee, I won't judge) and listen to Lee and Stuart. 


Here's a selection of questions we covered during September's Q&A, you'll be able to find the full list of questions asked on our Facebook Page.

Any thoughts about having an Asian faction?

Is the setting of the game going to expand? Are we only going to play in America? Or is there a chance to see other continents and factions? 

How do you see the Union Heavy Rail train set fitting into the game? I cant find any stat cards for it online. Will it be a part of normal skirmishes? Or is it a more scenario-based model?

Can we please recognise how awesome it that Warcradle is looking represent a global universe (and the diversity therein)?

How much of a change is there from final beta documents to released book? Are we essentially playing the game or are there large changes we have yet to see?

Is the warrior nation war bison going to be released?

What about the Aztec/Maya concepts that you showed a long (time) ago?? Are they part of the Golden Army prophecy??

Any thoughts on vehicles seeming underpowered? Take the American Ironhide or Rolling Thunder for example. They have pretty great Grit ratings, and Tough and Durable to back them up, but if someone hits you (and a lot of people are going to be shooting at the tank), and you fail your Tough re-roll, a huge tank could theoretically be taken out in one hit. How did the vehicles do in your early tests of the game?

Any word on an app for cards and such?

Will the narrative advance periodically and will characters evolve, die or change factions?

How will factions work in 2nd can I take outlaws with golden army is it possible to do that in new edition of rules

What are you looking forward to most?

Hi guys, when do you anticipate the rulebook shipping? Will stat cards be produced or do we just download from the site?

Any chance of Mountain Men turning up as allies with Warrior Nation?

New to the game, but I was wondering your thoughts on playing with 3 people? I’m under the impression it’s meant to be played just 1v1, but from what I know of the rules it seems like it could work?

So will I need to re buy minis I already own?


We had some great comments on the day with everyone so positive about the our latest Q&A that we're surely going to do another soon ;)


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