Avid fans of Wild West Exodus, The Battle Hammer, have created some handy 'How to Play' videos in their own interesting (and very engaging) style.

If you fancy learning a little more about Wild West Exodus (and don't mind a little NSFW content) then these videos will be right up your street.


Please note: NSFW has been added due to some use of swear words in Parts One, Two and Three. A higher volume of swear words is used in Part Four.


In Part One, The Battle Hammer look at the rules and stats from unit cards as well as some of the general conditions which could affect your units!

What you'll like:

  • Overview of how to read the unit cards and what all the different acronyms mean.

  • Explanations of different weapons, rules and conditions.

  • Straw and Parker (what's not to like?).

In Part Two, The Battle Hammer look at the rules regarding the Action Adventure Deck, how it works, and they investigate the use of Fortune (using some very cool looking Fortune Chips which will be released from Warcradle Studios very soon) in the game.

What you'll like:

  • Break down of the use of the Adventure deck in regards to Guts (one-off effects) & Glory (end of game VP)

  • How to use Action cards

  • What the use of Fortune can do for you

  • References the rule pages from the rulebook (excellent shout).

In Part Three, The Battle Hammer looks into Faction Posse and Theme Posse cards, as well as information about Faction Armoury cards. Trust me, if you don't have this information, you'll be glad to have watched!

What you'll like:

  • Explanation of the different posse types

  • Find out how to fill your posse

  • Benefits discussed

  • Take a look at some cool conversions!

In Part Four, Straw and Parker put all their knowledge together to play a full game of Wild West Exodus!

What you'll like:

  • A fun and very real game (and conversation) between mates.

If you enjoyed this then make sure to check out their YouTube channel for other Wild West Exodus goodness (and Dystopian Wars, in the future, by the sounds of it too)!

What did you think of Straw and Parker's 'How to Play' videos?