These may be the previews you have been waiting for! It's time to feast your eyes on the miniatures set to make up four new posse's sets coming to Wild West Exodus later this year.

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Below you will find images of the Infernal Investigations posse, the Ranger Showboat posse, Galvanic Mysteries, the Dark Nation Posse and the immense Vor Khet!

Without further ado...

Helena's Infernal Investigations Posse

Led by Marshal Helena Miller, the Infernal Investigations work tirelessly across the American Frontier, protecting the citizens from the bizarre and beastly that lurk in the dark corners of Wild West Exodus! Look for the Infernal Investigations Posse later this year! 


Wild Bill's Ranger Showboat Posse

The Ranger Showboat is on its way! Wild Bill brings some firm favourites to be available again as miniatures with updated sculpts. Plus the Posse introduces the infamous Calamity Jane to Wild West Exodus! 


Countess Byron's Galvanic Mysteries

The Countess is unrivalled in her knowledge of the Galvanic Mysteries. This Enlightened Posse is coming later in the year - unleash Creation V, Creation X, Creation XIII and Mantis to bring terror to your enemies. 

Countess_Galvanic Mysteries_FB.jpg

Wicasasni's Dark Nation Posse

Hatred and corruption define Wicasasni and her Dark Nation Posse. The spidery Khali, the fiery winged Camazotz, the lithe and lethal limbed Seke and the rage-fuelled Nizhoni round out this deadly group. Hex

Wicasasni_Dark Nation_FB.jpg

And for those wondering about the immense Vor Khet, don't worry, he's so massive he needs to be released separately!

Both The Dark Nation Posse and Vor Khet will be available later this year.

VOR'KHET_Dark Nation_IG.jpg

Which faction do you play?

Which one would like to get on your tabletop?