As a person who enjoys the hobby - painting miniature models - I have to say that it is important to grow and to challenge yourself as a painter. I find that in order to be inspired to work with different techniques, methods, and styles you have to be inspired by the model. The model NEEDS to get those cog wheels turning with creative ideas!

With the Umber Scarab in my hands I must say, I admired the packaging. Countless times I've had to pry open a blister packaged model, resulting in a minor injury or the model acting out the scene from Two Towers where Aragorn tosses Gimli onto the bridge at Helms Deep ('Don't tell the elf') - this tiny miniature flying through the air to fend for its life amongst my hobby space. Not the case here!


The models coming out of Warcradle Studios are spectacular. Lovely details, and the actual miniature is very well cast with very little to- no mould lines and flash. I proceeded to cut of each piece of the miniature from the casting block and let it steep in look-warm water with some washing-up liquid over night. In the morning I used a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any release agent that may have been left on the model. This may not be necessary but I do this process on all resin miniatures.


After assembling the Umber Scarab, those creative cog wheels were turning. For ease I kept the model detached from the puddle base it's not the only reason I left it detached from the base, I also had thought of an idea that I'd like to do with the base to compliment the model.

The next step after assembly is to prime the miniature. I decided to use my airbrush and covered the model entirely with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer. Once that coat had dried, I then used Vallejo Black Surface Primer to spray from the feet up creating a shadow effect. Then used Vallejo White Surface Primer to create a Zenithal Highlight over the model.

Zenithal Highlight2.jpg
Zandri Dust with Sepia Wash.jpg

I then based coated the Umber Scarab in Citadels Zandri Dust and used Secret Weapons Sewer Water wash after the basecoat had dried. Using this shade/wash over the tan colour makes it more 'grimy' as if the Scarab has been crawling and brushing against flora or scurrying in underhive tunnels. I then basecoated the armoured shell of the Scarab with Citadels Kabalite Green and used Citadel Screamer Pink for the mouth and ridges in the inside arms and legs.


After the 'two thin coats' had dried. I applied Vallejo Game Colour Black Wash over all the greens. I used a 1:1 mix of Citadels Carroburg Crimson and Druchii Violet over all the Screamer Pink.  I also painted the nails and claws in Citadels Genstealer Purple and washed over with Secret Weapons Black-Green wash.

I then dry brushed Citadels Rakarth Flesh over the skin and picked out the teeth. Once dried I then highlighted the model using  Kabalite Green again for the shell. Citadels Pink horror for the pinks and Citadels Screaming Bone for the teeth. I then made a 1:1 mix of Hoeth Blue and Screamer Pink to do a nice highlight effect on the tongue.


I decided that the model was finished at this point and time to move onto the base. I sourced some supplies ( see in the image below) and used them to create the idea that the Scarab was protecting a nest. I used pearls to gain the shape i wanted and used hot glue to attach them to the base. I then covered the complete base in watered down PVA glue, while the PVA glue was drying but still wet I then mixed super glue through it. The super glue instantly sets creating weird but realistic textures. 


Priming the base using Citadel Chaos Black Spray prepped it for a light highlight over the base textures (ignoring the 'eggs') using Citadel Tallarn Sand. Next, I used a Vallejo Game Colour Black Wash as I felt it wasn't dark enough over the complete base. I then applied a heavy drybrush of Citadels Karak Stone over the eggs and base. To finish, I used Citadels White Scar and a very small amount of Citadels Emperors Children to give the eggs a flesh-pink hue. 

Lastly, to create the dripping slim effect, I used UHU glue mixed with Moot Green - this is to make the model have that xenomorph look to the model and sets off everything off nicely.

To conclude, as a painter - I loved painting this model. 

I might venture into the tabletop game too!