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Malifaux now available! From upcoming releases and world expansions to encounter boxes and fate decks, all of the essentials customers could ask for, and more, are now available for trade from Warcradle Studios!

When it comes to playing, the starter setrules manual, latest expansions and fate decks are game essentials.

The starter set has everything needed for new players and is great for existing Malifaux players looking to add new miniatures to their Guild and Neverborn collections. Once new players have mastered the game, they can add the models from the starter set into any gang they wish, as all models in the set have the mercenary rule. 

The Malifaux 2nd Edition Rulebook offers an in-depth insight into the world of Malifaux with an extended version of the rules and character-driven stories, and it's a great alternative to the rules manual for customers that are all about the fluff!

Fate Decks are beautifully illustrated plastic card packs used instead of dice and are required to play the game. One deck required for each player. They're available in various themes so customers can choose a deck to fit their personal taste!

Now let's take a look at upcoming releases for each faction of Malifaux.

The Guild.png

The Guild exists as a largely self-governing body, both on the frontier of Malifaux and back on Earth, where it is one of the world's most influential organizations.

Its first duty remains to the enforcement of laws that allow for maximum Soulstone production, but over the years, a number of specialized branches have been developed to combat the unique dangers of Malifaux.

Next Release: Guild Investigators (June).


Resurrectionists. The name is a cruel joke, amusing only to the twisted minds of murderers and graverobbers who claim it as their own. 

Resurrectionists reanimate the dead, but their magic results not in a body that has been restored to life, but rather one that has been brought back as an undead puppet. 

Next Release: Gravediggers (August).

Almost all of Malifaux's residents develop some small ability to manipulate the mystical energy of Malifaux, usually manifesting as minor magical talents. A small number will display noteworthy powers, powers that represent a threat to the Guild presence in Malifaux.

These individuals have been labelled Arcanists, and the Guild expends significant resources in hunting these dangerous men and women, and have dedicated their Witch Hunter task force to eliminating this unpredictable rogue element.

Next Release: Neil Henry (July).


The Neverborn are terrible monsters that brutally prey upon the humans who have appeared to claim Malifaux for their own. The Neverborn take many shapes, from the winged Nephilim to the ghostly Sorrows.

Some are deceptively similar in appearance to humans, able to walk among them, and these are by far the most dangerous, as their unknown designs are far more subtle and far-reaching.

Next Release: Hinamatsu (July).

In between the plots and schemes of the Guild, Arcanists, Resurrectionists and Neverborn, there are men and women who, for one reason or another, have turned their back on other affiliations to live a more roguish lifestyle.

These scoundrels and mercenaries are collectively referred to as Outcasts, as many of them are forced to live out meager existences as petty crooks or hired guns.

Next Release: Benny Wolcomb (June).


At half the size of a human being, Gremlins do not appear to be very threatening. On their own, they aren't that dangerous. But, their mimicry of humans and wearing clothing allowed cunning Gremlins to form into organized groups and focus their strength.

In addition to mimicking the farming practices of humans, Gremlins have also started to mimic their use of weapons. While it can be amusing to see Gremlins fighting, especially if they are fighting each other, the Guild is starting to learn not to underestimate the diminutive creatures

Next Release: Big Brain Brin (June).

There is one faction, however, which prides itself on avoiding attention. Until recently, their name meant nothing to people in power in Malifaux, but that has changed.

The mere mention of the name Ten Thunders breeds a quiet dread in men's hearts, chilling the blood. The origin of the Ten Thunders crime syndicate is a mystery to the residents of Malifaux, save that they appear to have some sort of connection to the Three Kingdoms of Earth.

Next Release: Gwyneth Maddox (September).

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