This month brings with it an assortment of legendary miniatures and a brand-new posse! Hour of the Wolf is set the second Warrior Nation Posse Set for the Second Edition of Wild West Exodus - and includes everyone’s favourite chieftain; Ghost Wolf.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Hour of the Wolf.

Who are they?

The Hour of the Wolf posse is led by the insightful and wise Ghost Wolf. For a character who is fond of storytelling and enjoying the company of his extensive family, he is all too often roused to war where his talents are put to a bloodier purpose.

Though a powerful Spirit Walker, Ghost Wolf often remains in his mortal form as the Warrior Nation has a great need for his leadership and tactical mind. The wolf within him calls to his kin and often he is always accompanied by a number of his brother wolves. These hunting wolves have been blessed by the Great Spirit to be larger and stronger than their kin as well as possessing more intelligence. They are as fast as the wind and their powerful jaws are potent allies. When they attack in a pack there is little that can stand against them. The wolf spirit ensures he is often accompanied by those Spirit Walkers of the Weylyn who can embrace the animal spirit and aid their chieftain.

Ghost Wolf can always rely on the support of Hawkeye and Moonswift, two experienced warriors who are carving out their own legend within the Nation. Hawkeye is second to none with a bow, capable of hitting the eye of a running hare. With a kinship that approaches family, Moonswift is almost as fast as her Hunting Wolf brothers and sisters. Adept at channelling spirit energy, Moonswift is able to leap over her enemies and bury an axe in an exposed flank.

How do they play?

This Posse likes to get up close and personal. Not only are they good at getting there, all being rather swift of foot, but they can wreak havoc when they do get there. Leveraging Moonswift’s DANCES WITH WOLVES special rule on the Hunting Wolves means they will not only be able to activate via Teamwork but will allow them to Focus their Move and Charge Actions for free. Use all the cover you can and get in quick as, once you are there, these trained warriors will tear your enemies to pieces.


A familiar face, Ghost Wolf is an old hat at this. As an INSPIRATIONAL boss those close to him in combat will reap the rewards, any friendly unit within 6” may re-roll a single dice in their Activation. With a Mind attribute of 7, it’s hardly surprising to see him with the TACTICAL BRILLIANCE rule, not only giving a +1 to Reserve Checks but also allowing the option of spending two Action Points to take a look at some Action and Adventure too.

You can find Ghost Wolf’s full unit card here under: BOSSES.


Unsurprisingly, Hawkeye lives up to her name with an Aim attribute of 7 and this, alongside the GUN DOWN special rule which means she doesn’t suffer the -4 penalty others do when aiming at an Engaged enemy, makes her a particularly deadly Face to have on the tabletop. Your enemy won’t want to risk getting too close with Hawkeye on the opposing side.

You can find Hawkeye’s full unit card here under: FACES.


Moonswift is a CHILD OF THE GREAT SPIRIT and can ignore Yeller Checks and the penalty for Uneven Ground - all the better to get into close combat with her enemies. This, along with BOUNDING STRIKE, means she can get up close and personal to deliver a wounding then move 3 away from her current position. However, what makes her particularly special is her DANCES WITH WOLVES special rule which benefits Hunting Wolves in your posse.

You can find Moonswift’s full unit card here under: FACES.


At a cost of 85 points per model, the Weylyn Spirit Walkers are a great extra Support unit for Warrior Nation posses. With both RAPID and FRENZY as special rules, these Beasts are fast and furious! A Quickness of 7, and the ability to Focus Move Actions for no additional cost, will have them in the thick of the action in no time.

You can find the Weylyn Spirit Walkers’ full unit card here under: SUPPORT.


With a maximum unit size of 1-6 models, your enemies will need to be prepared for the pack of Beasts ascending on them! With a Quick of 7, and the TRAILFINDER common rule, they can get to the combat fast which is handy as with an Aim of 1 they need to be close to cause any damage - after all, wolves do fight with Teeth & Claws...

You can find the Hunting Wolves’ full unit card here under: SUPPORT.


As we have already mentioned, the key to playing this Posse successfully is speed. With very little in the way of ranged attacks, except for Hawkeye and her lethal Manhunter Bow, these Units need to get into combat as soon as possible. Clever deployment and use of Totems will also help this Posse get into the thick of it. The Hunting Wolves have TRAILFINDER, allowing them a free move at the start of the game, which will also help to get the closer to the enemy.

The close combat power of the Posse is very strong. Ghost Wolf and the Weylyn Spirit Walkers can Attune their Spirit Blades giving them very high PRC scores. The Hunting Wolves can use their pack tactics to work together and take down their targets effectively. Moonswift may not be as lethal as Ghost Wolf but she can leap around between opponents and make light work of units of Hands.

Get yours today!

Hour of the Wolf is up for pre-order now and is released 23rd February 2019 so, if you want to get humanity’s greatest hope on the tabletop, order your posse from our online store or your FLGS today.

Until the release date, you can take a look at the other sets and miniatures currently released for Warrior Nation!