The time has arrived to welcome the Emissary of the Blazing Sun! Nakano Gozen has served a full year as our very special event promotional miniature and now it’s her time to become part of our regular Wild West Exodus listings.

Who is she?


Nakano Gozen has lived her entire life in service to the Blazing Sun - the Immortal Empress Shinzua. As a direct descendant of the Empress with a startling likeness, Gozen has been trained extensively in both the martial and diplomatic arts. While her adventurous nature made her unsuitable for a role at court, Gozen was trusted instead with a secret mission to the American Frontier.

As Emissary of the Blazing Sun, Nakano Gozen's mission has brought her into contact with both the Lawmen and Outlaws in the Wild West. While she is treated with suspicion by the authorities, her skill with the blade and silver tongue make her a valued ally to the Outlaws. Her interest in the activities of Doctor Carpathian has not gone unnoticed by the Enlightened or Union agents either…


How does she play?

Although an expensive FACE to add to your posse at a cost of 175 points, Nakano Gozen comes with plenty of Special Rules for those looking for an interesting character to add. Not only is she beneficial to have for both TREASURE HUNTER, allowing you to add +1 to your hand of Adventure Cards while she is in play, and SHREWD STRATEGIST, giving you the ability to spend an Action Point to take a look at the top card from either your Adventure or Action Deck and discard or return it to its rightful place, she is also a killer on the tabletop. Along with a Fight of 7, and a pair of Revenant Katanas with -3 pierce and decapitate, she has the STONE COLD KILLER Special Rule giving her the ability to gain extra Action Points during her turn if she destroys a model. She also has COMBAT MASTER, making her second Combat Action in an Activation only 1 Action Point. This combination makes her lethal in close combat.

You can find Nakano Gozen’s full unit card here under: FACES.


The Lawmen have a good selection of faces but the vast majority of them are armed with ranged weapons. While they almost all have an Iron Asp baton, very few are expert close combat fighters. This makes Nakano Gozen a very tempting choice for a Lawman Player. She also has TREASURE HUNTER and SHREWD STRATEGIST (see above) which add some very useful card based abilities to the Posse. Like all close combat specialists, the trick is to get her up close and personal. Once she’s toe to toe with the enemy she will earn every single point you’ve paid for her.

Get yours today!

Nakano Gozen is up for pre-order now and is released 30th March 2019, you can order her from our online store and your FLGS - prepare yourself for the Emissary’s arrival.


What’s this? A little cliffhanger, you say…


With Nakano Gozen being released for the public on 30th March, this means one thing - we have a new promotional event miniature incoming in time for AdeptiCon 2019!