Good morning Gunslingers!
Today's Daily looks at a quick and effective way of painting your WWX bases desert style. If desert's not your thing have no fear, we'll take a look at wood and other styles in another Daily.
I used the following paints from P3 -

  • Bloodstone

  • Mouldy Ochre

  • Menoth White

  • Morrow White

  • I used the nastiest oldest brush I had....

Paint Comparison: Red/Brown, Ochre, Bone and White. Plus Big ol' nasty - my drybrushing brush.


The base is covered in quite a heavy layer of neat Bloodstone. I apply the next step while this is still wet to give us a nice blend.


Neat Mouldy Ochre is stippled on around the edges and then mixed into the middle giving us a little shadow area in the middle of the base.


Here's the base once the previous step has dried - no blending lines whatsoever.


The base is lightly drybrushed with Mouldy Ochre in circular movements working away from the centre.


The base is then lightly drybrushed with Menoth White Base in the same circular motions.


A final drybrush of Morrow White is applied, this time I have ensured that the skull is picked out.


A wash of Bloodstone is applied over the entire base. This was watered down around 75/25.


Add some foliage and you're done!