Greetings my excellent friends, my name is Jim and I’m currently working on several projects here in the Warcradle Studio, one of which is the most triumphant Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time board game.

Since we announced the game was in development, I and the rest of the boardgame development team have been busy refining the rules. I’ve taken a quick break between rules writing and playtesting to share with you how the game is developing and share with you some behind the scenes images.

Bill and Ted’s Riff in Time.

The spirit of the material is really important when designing a game based on a licensed property, especially one as iconic and beloved as this one! After repeated viewings of the first two movies (no sneak peeks of the third one yet!) we decided that the characters of Bill and Ted were best suited to a cooperative style game. The idea behind Bill and Ted’s Riff in Time is that something terrible has happened and has caused time and space itself to fracture, with players taking on the roles of the Wyld Stallyns - Bill, Ted, Elizabeth and Joanna. This gave us an ideal ‘race against the clock’ scenario that would immediately engage players and get them working together towards a common goal - saving the universe!

After I had made the first prototype (out of blank card, pasted up playing cards and some spare dice) I realised the players would soon have their work cut out for them as the initial draft of the game was exceptionally tough to beat and all too often the rifts would quickly spiral out of control and destroy San Dimas. Most heinous! While a good game should be a challenge for players, repeatedly losing a game on the second turn was definitely not the experience we wanted. Playtesting can be a complex process, but working for a company made up of passionate gamers certainly makes finding people keen to contribute to test sessions a breeze! Because of this (and several visits to the drawing board), we now have an exciting and fast paced game, with players racing through time and restoring various figures from history to their correct time and place!

Historical Characters? Did I not mention them before? The amazing artists and sculptors here in the studio have been using the movies as their inspiration to design, draw and sculpt some truly triumphant miniatures that has just blown me away. Not only have they faithfully depicted the Wyld Stallyns as you see above, but they’ve also captured the likeness of some of the iconic historical figures Abraham Lincoln, Socrates and Napoleon Bonaparte. There are many more such characters to be found in the game as players journey from ancient times all the way to the far future!

As soon as I have more news or images to share, you can be sure you’ll see them here first. Until then, I leave you with the immortal words of the two great ones; “Be excellent to each other and, party on Dudes!”


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