It's wonderful being able to develop so many rich and varied properties in the studio. With Dystopian Wars there has been an opportunity to dive deeply into the various cultures that make up each of the Factions and draw on them in new and interesting ways.

The Japanese have a strong naval culture in the Dystopian Age. As part of the Empire, Japan leads the way in naval warfare (leading to no small amount of jealousy from their allied nations!) In classic editions of the game there was a certain aesthetic to the Japanese that needed to be respected, but the new edition and setting gives us the opportunity to unify and expand upon the visuals for the nation.

Battlefleet Kongo showcases the elements that make Japan a respected power in the Dystopian Age. Their armoured hulls display a mastery of steel-work rarely seen in the other nations and their aggressive stylising emphasise the vessels’ speed and firepower. As a major nation in the Celestian Empire, look for more on Japan in the future as they dominate above and below the waves!

Of course it’s not just concepts for Dystopian Wars that are being worked on in the studio. The great part about having a large and hard working team is that they develop different settings and games in parallel. So while one team was designing Battlefleet Kongo, another was working on something very different…

The Dindrenzi Federation are one of the two main human civilisations in Firestorm Armada. Settlers from the beautiful colony world of Dramos, the Dindrenzi evolved an expansive and martial culture in the wake of the colony’s obliteration in a terrible war against Old Earth. Find out more about this exciting faction in the forthcoming Firestorm Armada Open Beta coming later this year.

I hope this small glimpse of some of the things we have going on at the studio has been of interest, you can expect lots more in future Warcradle Studio Diaries.

Until next time!