Guilty as charged.

Guilty, why? Because Judge Kingsley Stern says so…


Lawmen, Warrior Nation and Hex players, you’re all in for a treat this month as there’s a new Posse set, a Legendary Boss and Support Unit available to pre-order!

The Lynch Mob Posse is an entirely new set for Lawmen, focused on bringing justice to the wild west, one Outlaw at a time. Once Judge Kingsley Stern reaches his verdict, his ‘hang ‘em high’ approach to the law means it’s only a matter of time till those convicted face his Gallows or his deputies - ruthless town folk, eager to prove their worth and enforce Stern's way.

Pre-order the Lynch Mob Posse from today.

The taint of The Hex is a powerful force indeed but nothing can stand in the way of true love. This month sees Legendary Lucretia and Tituba available to pre-order. The arrival of this powerful yet gruesome twosome, bound by the gift of the Hex, calls for more Hex Beasts!

And finally, for Warrior Nation, a pair of spectral warriors! Only a few have seen them for more than a fleeting glimpse and even fewer have been able to study them to any reliable degree but from today, you can pre-order a set of Spirit Apparitions for your force and more besides.

All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 28th September 2019.

Lynch Mob Posse

Judge Kingsley Stern is a senior Lawman serving in the territories. He is best described as a roving one-man courtroom, utterly convinced of his own righteousness. He believes that at the heart of each law-abiding man is an outlaw just waiting for his chance. In contrast to High Marshal Earp, Stern is more than eager to give his judgement on any subject and how it pertains to his rigid and unyielding interpretation of the law. 

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Price: £38.00

Legendary Lucretia and Tituba

Bridgetown, Barbados was, until some years back, presided over by Governor James Walker, a deeply religious Scotsman who believed it was his duty to lead his God-fearing residents to a prosperous future. He had several children who enjoyed a strict and puritanical upbringing guided by an evangelical Minister known as Papa Trinity. Walker’s youngest daughter, Lucretia, rebelled strongly against this oppressive lifestyle in her late-teens and found intimate companionship form Tituba, a native Barbadian girl a couple of years her senior. Lucretia would revel in any activity she believed her father would object to and was soon dabbling in fortune-telling and other decidedly non-Puritan activities.

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Price: £20.00

Spirit Apparitions

In the Dystopian Age, so-called Spirit Apparitions manifest many forms. There has been much speculation both in scientific journals as well as in the penny dreadfuls and newspapers as to the origins of these strange forces but few have seen them for more than a fleeting glimpse and even fewer have been able to study them to any reliable degree.

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Price: £18.00