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Warcradle Studios attended Gen Con 2018 for four days of epic gaming and, oh boy, was it a memorable one. We were lucky enough to have Parker, from The Battlehammer, fly out with us as a Warhost (interested, click here for details) and demo games of Wild West Exodus on our shiny new Dystopian Age demo table.

For those of you wanting to see more, we've prepared a gallery below! From the stand to miniatures, sneak peeks for Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, and our new Dystopian Age demo table, you'll be able to take a gander at it all.

Let's kick off with a few photos of demos!

The Wild West Exodus Harbour

Those attending the event enjoyed the unveiling of the new Dystopian Age demo table - designed and created by the very talented Rob Hawkins - and got to feast their eyes on every aspect of it! Even Nakano Gozen made her mark...

Visit Rob's blog and check out his Project Log: Wild West Exodus Harbour blog series to see how he did it.

What do you think of our shiny new Dystopian Age demo table for Wild West Exodus? 

Now, who's up for some concept art? Below you'll see a few sneak peeks of what our Studio Art Director, Roberto Cirillo, has been up to!


Which of Roberto's fantastic concept drawings are your favourites? 

Getting Behind The Screens - A Visit From Beasts of War

We couldn't just leave you with pictures now, could we? Just in case you didn't know, the guys at Beasts of War were live streaming during Gen Con 18, and Stu showed Justin what we had in our display cabinets - it's definitely worth a watch.