Warcradle Classics Wave V is approaching fast - what can we say? We want to make sure you all have the chance to get your mitts on your favourite classic miniatures!

Wave V contains 25 items from the first Two Editions of Dystopian Wars and includes a variety of ships and tanks - perfect to finish up your fleets.

Remember, the Warcradle Classics range is being produced in limited numbers so keep your eyes on our social channels to find out what's available, and when pre-orders go live, so you don't miss out on that certain something.

Warcradle Classics items are available to order through our trade partners and the Wayland Games web store.

Simply click on your preferred Faction, or scroll through, to see the items that have been released in Wave V.

Faction List:

Covenant Of Antarctica

Skorpios Heavy Tank-Hunter Walker

Socrates Bombard Tank

Atticus Medium Walker

Empire Of The Blazing Sun

Arashi Rocket Support Cruiser

Arashi Rocket Support Cruiser

Yurei Terror Ship - Non-clear resin

Ika Mechanical Squid - Submerged

Yurgi Destroyer

Ronin Medium Walker

Komainu Support Tank

HO-I Bombard Tank

Federated States Of America

Jackson Medium Tank

Trenton Medium Tank

Kingdom Of Britannia

Vengeance Submarine - Submerged

Vanguard Submarine - Surfaced

Bastion Escort

Swift Corvette

Orion Destroyer

Foxhound Light Tank

Prussian Empire

A6-V Medium Tank

BS-3 Bombard Tank

CF-4 Medium Tank