Warcradle Classics Wave VI is coming your way and it’s full of all sorts of delights from Dystopian Wars! This range has been created to give you all a chance to get hold of your favourite classic miniatures - and complete those fleets too.

Wave VI contains an assortment of items from the first Two Editions of Dystopian Wars and includes a variety of ships and tanks, this Wave also includes the first robot to be included in the Warcradle Classics range.


Remember, the Warcradle Classics range is being produced in limited numbers, keep your eyes on our social channels to find out what's available, and when pre-orders go live, so you don't miss out on that certain something.

Warcradle Classics items are available to order through our trade partners and the Wayland Games web store.

Simply click on your preferred Faction, or scroll through, to see the items that have been released in Wave VI.

Faction list:

Republique of France

Epaulard Submarine - Submerged

Epaulard Submarine - Surfaced

Reims Light Tank

Marteau Bombard

Foucault R-6 Medium Tank

Arbalete Support Tank

Grele Flak Tank

Russian Coalition

Minsk Tank Destroyer

Veliky Escort

Volochok Medium Bombard

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

WZ6 Szpada Medium Tank

ZB2 Burza Bombard

Indian Raj

Vimana Medium Tank

Tarakee Light Tank

Veeran Corvette


Protector Frigate

Dominion of Canada

Huntsman / Thunderer Tank Destroyer


Syera Frigate

A small number of items from this Wave are available to buy from Wayland Games today - be quick if you’re looking to order! Warcradle Classics items are produced in limited numbers.


Chinese Federation

Sh i Medium Robot - Walking

Chao Feng Bombard

Sh i Medium Robot - Sitting

Sh i Medium Robot - Sitting

Guan Dao Battlecruiser

Covenant of Antarctica

Kepler Drone launcher