We attended Salute this year and, boy, was it a busy day!

We’ve compiled a nice little gallery blog for those of you who couldn’t attend and for those of you who attended but wanted to relive the magic.

Have fun now.

Salute 2019 Round Up

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Sneaky Sketchbook…


Our stand has had an update and now includes more Dystopian Wars imagery and Jadzia Kosciuszko for Lost World Exodus. Take a look for yourself…


The Dark Council was busy as per usual taking lots of photos of the miniatures in our cabinets so, if you want a full breakdown of the different miniatures on show then you should join (if you have not already) so you can keep up-to-date with what’s happening when we attend shows.

We did want to show off the miniatures from our demo tables though…


Did you get an eyeful of our new Red Oak terrain which was shown off at Salute this year? No, well, get a-looking at this then!

Curtis’ crematorium offers second hand coffins and a decked out interior to boot - we’re looking forward to getting this out to you all (sometime soon).


Our demo tables were heaving all day with plenty of players wanting to get their teeth into Wild West Exodus and sail the high-seas with Dystopian Wars.

Chris and Stuart even jumped on board to give our tireless team a well-deserved break!


Roberto came along and joined us at Salute this year so…


… the attendees had a chance to have a flick through his epic sketchbook and have a chat to the international man of mystery.

We couldn’t keep them away from you though now, could we? Enjoy.


Jadzia Kosciuszko was present at Salute, as she will be at all of our shows for 2019.

If you missed her this time, don’t fret as she will be back again for UK Games Expo, running from 31st May until 2nd June at the Birmingham NEC, when you can pick her up from Booth 1-752 - she’ll also be available from our online store during this time too.