Paints Used:
P3 Menoth White
P3 Ironhull Grey
Citadel Nuln Oil

I put together this sketchy tutorial on me lunch break - hope it's useful. Also, the light changed during painting (big storm) so apologies for the pics. So... Non-Metallic Metal.

Painting the Steel

pasted image 0 (1).png

For the steel you'll need these colours or similar..


Steel stage 1 - basecoat grey


Steel stage 2 - wash nuln oil

highlights and shadow.png

Steel stage 3 - paint the original grey back on around in the direction of where your light source is coming from... I tend to use two o'clock on the clock face…

Steel stage 4 - and the light changed! Add white to your grey and and paint a bar of light to separate the light and dark areas

Painting the Gold and Finishing up


For the gold you'll need these colours or similar…


Gold stage 1 - paint brown.


Gold stage 2 - agrax earthshade wash.

highlight yellow an dbrown.png

Gold stage 3 - add yellow to brown and highlight in same position as grey, around two o'clock..

pure white thing layers.png

Gold stage 4 - add more yellow and paint a bar to separate light and dark areas..


Gold and steel final stage - edge highlight with 2 or 3 very thin layers of pure white. Also firm up your horizontal light bars with this mix - et voila!