Here is the final batch of the Ladies of the West up for pre-order:

  • Edyth Lavaughn

  • Hawkeye

  • Laura Anderssen

  • Harmony Rachet

These beautiful miniatures (previously very limited) have their own rules and can be used as sidekicks within their respective factions. 

They are available for pre-order today for £9.99 each and they will be shipped from us from the 17th of December. 

Edyth Lavaughn

The two things that Edyth LaVaughn was taught from a young age by her parents was that you stand up to bullies and that you always finish what you started. As an adult, this attitude shaped Edyth into a strong and honourable Lieutenant for the Union Army. 

Excelling at ranged as well as small unit tactics, LaVaughn has carried the day on several occasions by sheer perseverance alone. More recently, she has come to the attention of the fledgling Secret Service as her rescue of Agent Blanche from Warrior Nation territory enabled the Union to obtain important information regarding their conflict with the shadowy forces known as the Hex. 


Hawkeye was hunting for elk when the creature once known as Walks Looking came to the camp and stole away her sister, Little Bird. left to a fate worse than death, her sister has been transformed into the vile Necratu. It was only Hawkeye's great respect for Sitting Bull that prevented her from riding out to try and slay her twisted sister and the spectral monster that had corrupted her. 

After meditation with Raven Spirit, Hawkeye agreed to work with Sitting Bull on his plan to save his daughter. After all, perhaps the path to the salvation of Walks Looking might also be a path to save Little Bird one day? 

Laura Anderssen

Once a clean living preacher's wife, Laura had the misfortune of getting caught up in a bank heist perpetrated by Broad Arrow Jack. The notorious outlaw was forced to take Laura hostage after one of his accomplices shot a bank teller dead. While the rest of his gang were cut down by the local Sheriff, Jack made his getaway with Laura and rode out into the mountains far from the town. When Jack rode back into town a month later, Laura was by his side, now his partner in every sense of the word. Together they held up that same bank once more and Laura proved to be a cunning outlaw, not afraid of making use of her considerable charms to get what she wants. Though aware that Jack might have other girls out there, Laura knows that when she rides out with him, he only has eyes for her.

Harmony Rachet

Unfazed by the mournful screams of the dying or the agonised screams of the reanimated, the assistance of Harmony Rachet is in high demand amongst the Enlightened. A most capable student of medicine, Harmony's journey began after several years as an assistant to her father, the noted Arkansas surgeon James Rachet. The brutality of the Civil War formed the backdrop for Harmony carrying out her bloody work with countless amputations saving many Confederate lives. After the war, her father now retired, Harmony found her options limited. But as chance would have it, a speaker in the art of galvanism led her to the patronage of Countess Augusta Byron and her path into the Enlightened was assured.