First Edition Card Pack (The Last Roundup)

This 300+ card deck contains the stat cards for all the current Wild West Exodus miniatures up to Jan 2017, in one handy box. Each card is ideal for quickly referencing special rules, weapons, and statistic for each warrior and includes a handy lifeblood tracker.

So it does not matter if you’re a righteous zealot of the Holy Order, a cursed Dark Nation warrior, a hundred-year-old conquistador for the Golden Army, or Mercenary for hire, The Last Roundup is an essential purchase for all players!

One Card deck supplied.

Please note: Final card pack artwork may differ in appearance from image shown.

Updated Digital Stat Cards!!

We have updated the model stat cards on the website to version 1.52 along with the latest FAQ and Errata.

Version 1.52 are the cards that the Last Roundup card deck will include and are due for release as a physical deck in late February.

This is the Last Roundup!