Within the Covenant of the Enlightened are many whose ideas and theories have been ridiculed and dismissed by the world’s formal agencies of scientific endeavour. Their ranks are filled with eccentric misfits whose research into the esoteric stretches the realms of credibility. Most find acceptance and even vindication amongst their fellow outcasts but there are some who test even the open minds of the ladies and lords of the Enlightened.

One such group are Warwick Hudson and his Soul Hunters. Dismissed as charlatans and crack pots by many of their peers, the Soul Hunters focus their research on etheric energies, the insubstantial stuff claimed by some to be the essence of the human soul. What the Soul Hunters are actually researching is a topic of much debate, even amongst themselves, but as head researcher, Hudson is determined to discover the mysteries and practical uses for the energies they hunt and capture.

Soul Hunters are most often encountered in the Frontier where rumours of the supernatural abound. Whether these rumours are the product of Hex presence, Order activity, manifestations of the Great Spirit or some as yet unknown natural phenomenon, the Soul Hunters will be on hand to collect samples and add to their growing knowledge of otherworldly power.

“The level of etheric activity in the local vicinity is far in excess of what any sane man would consider acceptable!” Warwick Hudson, Auger of the Soul Hunters. 

“We are a broad church, Warwick’s ideas are, unusual, but you cannot deny the samples he brings back are something heretofore not formally recognised by modern learning.” Gustave Eiffel, The Asylum Promethean Complex.

“We’re admitting magicians and snake oil salesmen now? This would never have been permitted if Burson’s procedure had been more successful. I blame Kyle's sloppy handiwork, the dullard. If we could only get Carpathian back in theatre and recheck the cranial connections. If the so called Father of the Enlightened was thinking properly we’d be rid of these ridiculous charlatans.” Thomas Edeson, intercepted letter to his wife, Mina.