This month has seen the release of the new edition of Wild West Exodus, next month brings with it some old and new favourites!

Make sure to pre-order your brand new Juiced Hex Beast from your bricks-and-mortar or online stockists - he is truly a fantastic beast to behold! This is released alongside the new Civilians Set II - after all, what beast doesn't want to scare some civilians? Both of these new items are resin and cast in our very own resin production facility! We're very pleased, can you tell?

We have also re-packaged some old favourites, from the Rebel Snipers & Dixie Scouts to the Brave Youngbloods & Hunters, make sure to check the whole of Octobers pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of the new edition products!



The taint of the Hex is a powerful force indeed. Always lurking in the back of a person's mind, as the darkness within a man's soul grows it exaggerates and amplifies its hosts' negative emotions.  Should the life of such a man be snuffed out by the stab of a blade or piercing of a bullet, that darkness might rise up beyond the confines of the dying soul? Flesh will shift and mutate, the body reanimating into a foul perversion of life, their organs and bones liquifying into volatile Hex essence. These dreadful creatures are known as Hex Beasts and fly into a rage during their fleetingly short new lives, ripping off the limbs of anyone foolish enough to get too close.

This pack includes:

  • 1 x Juiced Hex Beast Resin Miniature

  • 1 x Base



Many skirmishes take place out in the wild country away from civilisation but almost the same number are fought in and around towns and farmsteads.  This means that innocent bystanders can find themselves in the line of fire, becoming victims or targets in the chaos of the frontier. 

This blister pack includes:

  • 3 x Civilian Resin Miniatures

  • 3 x Small Bases


Hurtling across the wastelands, these foul constructs have had their locomotion improved by Enlightened science.  Using RJ powered engines these abominations are able to close distances in a frighteningly short space of time.  Armed with cruel blades and deadly pistols their dull brains are only brightened by the thrill of butchering their enemies up close and personal.

This set contains:

  • 5 x Abomination Seeker Miniatures

  • 5 x Bases


"More legs are better than two" is the mantra of Gustave Eiffel and its most commonly shown to be true if you are unfortunate enough to have seen a Widower in the flesh. With their spider-like mechanical legs there are few places they cannot climb and from these unexpected vantage points the Widowers make great use of their deadly Reaper Rifles.

This set contains:

  • 5 x Abomination Widower Miniatures

  • 5 x Bases


Life in the West is hard enough for the law abiding, but for those living as outlaws it will make or break you.  Bandits are armed with a mixture of pistols and rifles, roaming the frontier causing trouble and taking what they want - unless the Law stops them.

At times these men and women are drawn down an even darker path where the callous nature of their life makes them treat their fellows just as brutally. The negative passions and emotions of some gunslingers are exaggerated by an otherworldly influence.  Shunning even those that they once called friends, these tainted killers are recruited by the Dark Council to fight for a darker cause than their own selfish desires.

This set contains

  • 5 x Bandit/Hex Cutthroats

  • 5 x Bandit/Hex Gunmen Miniatures

  • 10 x Bases


The veterans of the shattered Confederate army are grizzled men with nothing to lose.  With no homes to go back to they only have 'the cause' and with nothing to lose are very dangerous indeed.  

Under Stonewall Jackson and others, the Confederates now make use of surprise assaults and guerrilla warfare when engaging the enemy to even the odds.  Dixie Snipers carry juiced rifles and are experts at using cover to their advantage. While their compatriots engaging the enemy at range, the Rebel Scouts prefer to wait in ambush and make things close and personal with pistols and tomahawks.

This set contains:

  • 5 x Rebel Scout Miniatures

  • 5 x Dixie Sniper Miniatures

  • 10 x Bases


Discipline and training are the hallmarks of the enlisted men and women of the Union. With their high-quality weapons and equipment, they are reputedly a match for any force in the world. Union Skirmishers are armed with pistol and blade for close work and the Union Riflemen make use of the stalwart Chace Rifle to deal with ranged foes with disciplined fire.

This set contains:

  • 5 x Union Skirmisher Miniatures

  • 5 x Union Riflemen Miniatures

  • 10 x Bases


Defending their homelands from invaders and threats from all sides, the Warrior Nation Braves are on the front line hoping to make a name for themselves. The backbone of any Warrior Nation force in the frontier, the Brave Hunters carry long ranged weapons which befit their honed instincts while the Brave Youngbloods revel in their youthful exuberance by making glorious war on their enemies with long knives and pistols.  

This set contains:

  • 5 x Brave Youngblood Miniatures

  • 5 x Brave Hunter Miniatures

  • 10 x Bases


The Deputies are the men and women who stand firm on the edge of the frontier staving off the chaos of the wilds and protecting settlers from all manner of threats and dangers.  

When you are sworn in as a Deputy, your uniform becomes a symbol of the authority you have been charged to maintain. With pistol and rifle these courageous men and woman stand firm, shoulder to shoulder with their fellow Lawmen. Should they fail, then the frontier will surely fall into anarchy and murder. 

This set contains:

  • 5 x Deputised Gunslinger Miniatures

  • 5 x Deputised Sharpshooter Miniatures

  • 10 x Bases