The Countess will see you now...

If you've been following our social media accounts this weekend then you would have seen the lovely Tabitha Lyons cosplaying as both Rani Nimue (in recognition of our promotional Legendary Nimue miniature) and the Enlightened boss Countess Byron.

We were elated with the costume created by Nic and Tabby, and loved how they managed to bring the Countess to life. The crowds at Spiel couldn't resist having their photo taken alongside her... But only with her permission, of course.

I'm sure if they knew more about the Countess, these mere mortals would not have dared come near such a powerful and deadly woman.

Find out more about Countess Byron here.

Artyfakes will be posting more photos on their social pages so check them out if you want to see more of the Countess!

Nimue also returned to her Wild West Exodus home!