We have all seen amazing Wild West Exodus tables. A few of us have even had the opportunity to play on those tables thinking to ourselves, “I would love to have a setup like this at home!” Well, Outlaws and Lawmen, I’m here to tell you that you can have that table relatively quickly with minimal expense.

Cover. That glorious piece of terrain that keeps your essential sidekick from being blasted off of the board in the first turn... whilst bringing your board to life! 

Too often our tables are filled with large buildings or rock formations and not much else. While these are certainly essential elements to every table, they lack a certain feel when they are not coupled with scatter terrain. 

So let’s make some scatter terrain.

My Cheap and Quick Split Rail Fence

Supplies Needed
Craft sticks: these are the sticks that are about the size of a wooden matchstick.
PVA Glue: more commonly known as Elmer’s glue or white school glue.
Acrylic Craft Paint: I am using Earth Brown.

Step 1
Layout 3 craft sticks.

Step 2
Glue 2 craft sticks on top of the 3 sticks to connect them all together.

Step 3
Cut short pieces off of one of your matchsticks and glue them to the ends of your fence. I don’t
usually measure them I just eyeball them.

Step 4
Add the next layer and continue stacking the craft sticks as high as you would like. I build mine using 5 craft sticks per fence section. This is a great height for your Outlaws.

Step 5
This step is a bit more flexible. You can either spray primer and then paint the fences (or spray primer them brown) or simply apply acrylic paint directly to the wood. Both methods look great.

A word of warning when building your fence, the process can be a bit delicate until the glue dries completely. 

If you have the patience to wait for each rail to dry before moving on to the next one then you won’t need to worry about being delicate. But if you are like me and want to finish the project quickly so that you can put your new terrain on the board then just remember to be delicate while you build. It takes around 30 craft sticks to build one fence section. With around 1000 sticks per bag (at about $4 a bag) that’s around 30 fence sections for less than $5, it doesn’t get much cheaper than that!

Don’t forget to post pics of your split rail fences on the Dark Council Facebook page. 

Next time... Boxes, boxes and more boxes. 

By Community Blogger Will