Warcradle's Community & Organised Play Manager, Daren, was at Adepticon this past weekend.

Welcome to his first update, direct from the ol' US of A!

Day one at Adepticon was an absolute blast!

The awesome Wild West Exodus Deputy team had a solid day of Demo and pick-up games. Not to mention that all of the games were played on awesome tables provided by William McClelland and Scott Whitebread (photos of which can be seen below).

Today, everything kicked off smoothly with the tournaments starting and getting off to a great start.

I’m looking forward for the sold out evening Campaign Gaming, written by Brian Powell and the rest of the Deputies, looks to be an insane blend of Wild West Exodus and a full on Easter Egg hunt. Deputy Tom Kenny even bought everyone attending the event a Cowboy Hat to declare their allegiance...

It’s gonna be ace!
— Daren

Note: The guys in the office really like the tables, keep an eye out for more blog posts on building your own tables and terrain!