There are two new resin miniatures on their way for release on the 27th of May, Legendary Nura & Broad Arrow Jack.  Pre-order online now, available at your FLGS soon!

Legendary Nura

The second-in-command of the entire Holy Order in the Sunset Lands, Nura was raised to the rank of Sircan only recently after years in the field as an Initiated and many subsequent years service within the archives. Nura's selection for high office was something of a disappointment to her, as she yearned for the chance to receive Baptism and the Rite of Elevation; nonetheless, her charismatic pleas for action swayed the High Council in its choice, and Nura serves as Abner's fractious deputy in ruling and decreeing the Order's actions.

Unlike her elder, Nura is a believer in prophecy and fate. She has read the signs of the times and believes the last battle is approaching that will finally decide the fate of the world. As such, Nura leads the extremist faction that seeks to provoke the final confrontation with all out war... revealing the Holy Order's full might to crush their foes in the Sunset Lands and raise the banner of open defiance against the Dark Council. Thus far such dreams have been forestalled by the patient council of Sircan Abner, but it is only a matter of time before they are realised. Nura's commitment to the Holy Order is absolute, and her greatest fear is that her faith in its mission should be found wanting in this most desperate hour.

Broad Arrow Jack

The frontier is a place where legends are born but not necessarily earned. Few men have born as many legends Broad Arrow Jack. That doesn't surprise Jack though, he told most of them himself.

Jack is a grifter, always working deals in an effort to make his big score and retire somewhere warm.  He's good at what he does too due to his predilection for sidestepping the law. As he has been heard to remark "The law is what other people do.". As yet he hasn't gotten round to retiring. More often than not he will spend his winnings on a good time with a bad woman (or even occasionally a bad time with a good woman) which leaves him penniless and in need of a new mark. 

Woman really are Jack's weakness. He's had many wives and still does as he doesn't believe in divorce. Jack has a wife in every state he has laid low in for any amount of time, moving on when the money and opportunities have run out. It's not hard to see why; Jack is everyone's pal who is generous with his cash when his troubles are far on the horizon. 

If trouble does comes calling or if someone foolishly stands in the way of Jack's prize then a different man emerges. This Jack is cold blooded killer, quick with his knife and quicker with his pistol, uncaring of the widows left in his wake. This is the Jack who surely earned the scars littered across his body but what of the large arrow branded into the flesh on his back? Occasionally Jack alludes to his past, but each audience receives a different tale. Whatever the truth, he refuses to be shackled and will fight like a man possessed if a deputy comes his way, a panicked desperation in his otherwise usually charismatic eyes. 

Jack is happiest on the move. If he ever makes that big score perhaps he'll settle down but that would make it easier for him to be found. The Law wants Jack. The Union wants Jack. Jack's wives want Jack. It is the latter that may have the best chance of catching up to him first as counted amongst their number are many resourceful and dangerous women. Women like the notorious bank robbing Outlaw Laura Anderssen or the magnificent Crown Privateer Rani Nimue. Lord help anyone caught nearby should any Jack and any two of his wives ever meet!