A few weeks back we started asking you guys to send us in photos of your minis so that we could feature them.  Boy did you deliver, today will be the first install of many where we feature your photos.

We would love to have more photos, so please send them over to blog@wildwestexodus.com, don't be shy now. 

Todays photos feature the Outlaws from Warren and Bartosz

Bartosz Outlaws "Jesse with his gang is chilling in salon"

In my city we start playing in WWX something about 2 months ago. We grabbed starters right after our local store put them on shelves.

For now my two favorite character’s are Jesse James and The Wraith. They have very cool models and story.

In middle of April we’ll start our Into The Badlands league and I’m planning to play Enlightened. So who knows maybe Dr. Carpathian will be my next favorite character. I always had a soft spot for undeads.
— Bart

Warrens Outlaws

I have been playing WWX since the first Kickstarter campaign, backing both projects. While I own a posse for each faction, my favorite are the Outlaws. They have so many interesting characters plus access to all the mercenaries. When I play Outlaws I actually try to use Bosses other than Jesse James, only because it seems most Outlaw players use him if they can (and for good reason!). Deciding which is my second favorite faction is more difficult.....it’s a close race between about half the remaining factions, lol. I’m looking forward to what seems like a bright future for the game!
— Warren Lawson Jr.