Phew! We have managed to survive all the way to the 2nd instalment of Warcradle Stock Bandit Will's '10 Ways to Survive in the West'... Congratulations to all who managed to keep their squishy parts safe.

Let's continue, shall we?



Ride in style. If you have access to transport, I would definitely recommend riding over walking! Your units will be safe from general gunfire, and they will be able to get to their target quicker, which is great for the bosses and Faces who excel with melee weapons.


The best defense is a good offence! If you can see that your opponent has brought some heavy guns with them, kill it and quickly. Units like the Rolling Thunder have the possibility to cause huge damage to your Posse, plan ahead and try to take it down early.


Adventure cards are great for scoring those extra Victory Points towards the end of the game but you need to go for Guts! Use those additional action points to Focus a shot, or Hunker Down, as this may be the difference between killing a unit or passing your own Grit check.


Plan your Posse. Taking a mixture of different units can make the difference between winning and losing your game. Using Characters is always awesome, but Hands and Support units will be the models that will keep your favourite names alive, and do the leg work towards completing the mission objectives.


Save the last Fortune! Some may see this as playing it safe, however always keeping that last re-roll for that one Grit check you weren't expecting may save the life of your boss!

Until next time!

- Will T