You may have heard there are a million ways to die in the West... Not for you, with this handy '10 ways' guide from Warcradle Stock Bandit Will.

Let's survive this together, yes?

Well, maybe not if you intend on whooping your mate's posse...


With bullets flying everywhere and monstrous beasts roaming the battlefield, cover is your friend. Making good use of cover can reduce the chances of your favourite boss getting shot in the face! With multiple pieces of scenery adding modifiers to your opponents Aim rolls, keeping your head down will help not getting with riddle bullet holes.


Learn to use you posse to keep your bosses out of the firing line. Because your boss can’t be targeted unless they are the closest, or within 12”. Keeping a unit of hands nearby will stop your boss getting shot at by the enemy.



Wait for the right moment to move. If you have to wait an extra turn to move across the open, be patient and wait it out. Getting caught in the open will often result in your men getting turned into some red paste (or grey if you are using the Watchers)!



Keeping a character with Sawbones or Repair nearby can keep your Hands in the game for that turn longer than your opponent expects! After all, a stunned unit of bandits is a problem, a dead unit of bandits is not.


You can’t kill what you can't see! Well... mostly.

Keeping units out of line of sight will mostly mean that they won’t be getting shot at, however there are a few weapons out there that are more than capable of ruining your plans. So jump out and gun them down when the time is right.

Catch the next 5 ways to survive in my next post, later this week!

Keep those squishy parts safe now.

- Will T