The Warcradle Team had a great time bringing the Second Edition of Wild West Exodus to UK Games Expo 2017!

The humdrum surrounding our stand was fantastic to see, with Daren, Craig, Joel and Jon running more demos then we could keep track of (it's fine though - they were given time to sleep and everything). The response from everyone who took part, both visitors to the expo and fellow Traders, was amazing to hear and see. Basically, we couldn't be prouder of how the Second Edition of Wild West Exodus is shaping up and the feedback we have gathered from everyone makes us, here at Warcradle, grin from ear-to-ear.

One gamer from UK Games Expo gave such interesting and thoughtful feedback that we have added a rule completely based on a conversation with the Team!

REMEMBER, as Trailblazer Daren likes to tell everyone, your feedback is important to us and CAN influence the game! We want to hear your feedback so we can improve the game for everyone whether you have played a Demo at an event or whether you downloaded the rules and have been playing with friends.

Visitors to the Expo also got a chance to look at some sneak previews of exciting new miniatures (yes, we know, we like to treat our fans).

Not only did you all get a chance to see them in the flesh (well resin or plastic)...

Photo 03-06-2017, 16 35 00 (1).jpg

We also wanted to show off the artwork for the resculpted Wayward 8! Which, frankly, we are ALL looking forward to getting our hands on, right?

After Salute, we made some changes to our stand to show off some different (meaning new) character artwork AND to show the gameplay of Second Edition. Take a look at our snazzy new stand!

Tabitha Lyons was rocking her Rani Nimue cosplay - no surprise really the amount of work that went into becoming Nimue! We were all jealous of her props - I mean, don't they look awesome? There may have been a few battles as to who got to look after them for her...

Talking about Nimue, we gave away many-a Legendary Nimue to hobby and miniature enthusiasts! The #paintnimue competition is running until the end of September so, if you have one, get paintin' and join our winners from April and May!

Photo 03-06-2017, 17 12 48.jpg
Photo 02-06-2017, 14 49 03.jpg

Did you join in with the fun and frolics at UK Games Expo? Let us know what you thought! Or are you visiting the Warcradle Team at Gen Con or at a Trailblazer event? Let us know what you're looking forward to :)