After announcing that you could help claim the 2019 festive miniature for your faction by playing our New Campaign: The Great Train Heist and collecting Clues, submissions came in thick and fast. 

Now, as the campaign has officially ended, it's time to announce the winning faction. Drum roll, please. 

The winning faction is:


Outlaws Claim The Loot!

As Outlaws collected the most Clues, they are the faction that will host the 2019 festive miniature.

Will you see a jolly Jesse? A festive Felipe or bauble sporting Billy? You'll have to wait a little bit longer to find out which Wild West Exodus character it'll be this year.


Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the miniatures of Christmas past, returning this December.

Kyle the Red and White (2017)

Kyle the Red & White was the special edition miniature for the festive period in 2017. This merry version of Kyle the Black also comes with "Max", Kyle's faithful K9 Attack Dog curiously sporting his own festive reindeer horn.

Krampus Rex (2018)

Krampus Rex was the special edition miniature, for the festive period in 2018, and can be used as an alternative sculpt of Carcosa Rex in games of Wild West Exodus.

Leaderboard Summary

To see how close your faction came to claiming the 2019 festive miniature, check out the leaderboard updates below.

Despite some fierce competition in the hunt for the RJ, it's evident Outlaws were to secure it for some nefarious purposes! As well as this year's Festive Miniature.

Continue The Adventure

Although the campaign has ended, your adventures can continue. We've released The Great Train Heist campaign and added it to the Wild West Exodus website as a free downloadable resource - you'll find it on the Resources page under Extras, here.

Don't forget; you can also play and enjoy the Badlands Adventures (extension to the five Common Adventures provided in the rulebook) and the Gunslingers OP (designed for new players / for learning the models in their force at a reasonable pace). You'll find these on the resources page too!

Wild West Exodus Events

If you're looking to take part in Wild West Exodus events, be sure to check the Wild West Exodus Facebook page to find events hosted by official Warhost Volunteers.

If you’re interested in becoming a Warhost Volunteer and running Wild West Exodus events, you can register your interest today to find out more about the programme.