Warcradle Studios will be attending Spiel in October!

The Warcradle Studios team will be heading to Messe Essen for the best four days of gaming that Germany has to offer. If you're attending Spiel '19, stop by the Warcradle Studios Booth.


From 24th to 27th October, those of you joining us at Booth 6I102 will be able to play Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, Fog & Friction, shop our full range of products (with a few extras) and speak with our team face-to-face. 

We'll also have a selection of board games and popular ranges, including Malifaux, Batman, Harry Potter and Warhammer Champions available to purchase at 10% off RRP.

Warcradle Studios Booth at Spiel 2019

New Releases

We'll have all of our new releases for Wild West Exodus and our Warcradle Scenics terrain with us at Spiel.


Whether you're after The Soul Hunters Detachment, Opie: Creation VIII (the giant armoured serpent) or Outpost Attica scenery sets for your tabletop. You'll be able to purchase them all from our Booth.

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Event Exclusives

There will be lots of special miniatures exclusively available at the Warcradle Studios Booth during Spiel 2019, oh yes. Not only our 2019 event miniature, Jadzia Kosciuszko.


Starting with Grifter, who made his debut during Gen Con 2019 at the Knight Models Booth. Grifter is an expert marksman and combatant for the Batman Miniatures Game. You'll be able to purchase both from Booth 6I102 during Spiel.


That's not all.

We're giving away an exclusive buccaneer miniature with every Blood & Plunder purchase - which will also be available at 10% off RRP.

The miniature can be used to represent a freebooter, filibuster or several of the historic commander options available to either the French or English Buccaneers in Blood & Plunder.

Be sure to ask about the miniature when you stop by the Booth and make your purchase.


In addition to having Grifter, we'll have Joker in Bermuda and Flashpoint Batman for the Batman Miniatures Game available to purchase at 10% off RRP.


Terrain Sets

There will be a vast selection of terrain at the Warcradle Studios Booth, and more besides.

From Red Oak terrain for Wild West Exodus to Outpost Attica for Infinity, not forgetting the Gloomburg range ideal for all kinds of fantasy wargames. Create your very own Funland perfect for the Batman Miniatures Game or purchase Woodford and build your town for a game of Malifaux Third Edition.

Whichever you choose, you'll also be able to shop Malifaux sets and Wyrdscape buildings at our Booth too, at 10% off RRP.

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Game Demos

See Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars and our new card game, Fog & Friction: Western Front, in action when you stop by our Booth at Spiel.


Our demo team will be hosting demos all day for four whole days. If you intend on having a demo of any of our games, be ready! Our demo tables are always popular and book up quickly.

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Board Games and Card Games

In celebration of our upcoming games; Bill & Ted's Riff in Time and Fog & Friction: Western Front, we'll have a selection of Board Games and Card Games available to purchase from our Booth, all at 10% off RRP.

We'll also have Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions (the card game) at our Booth, and exclusive Playmats and Counters for all of the Grand Alliances.

Don't forget, if you would like to discuss Bill & Ted's Riff in Time or have a demo of Fog & Friction, speak to the team.


Discounts and Hobby supplies

Stop by the Warcradle Studios Booth to save 10 % off RRP on Malifaux Third Edition, Blood & Plunder, Harry Potter, Batman Miniatures, The Other Side, The Army Painter and Warhammer Champions. 


We're also giving away free paint with every purchase. That's right, every purchase. So if you visit us in the morning, and come back in the afternoon, if you're making a purchase, you'll get free paint!


With all of the miniatures and MDF terrain that will be available to purchase at our Booth during Spiel, we couldn't leave you without hobby supplies. So, we'll also have The Army Painter sets and accessories with us, at 10% off RRP, and our Warcradle Scenics Paint Station.

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Staying Up-To-Date: Spiel

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Not on social media? Check the community calendar on the Warcradle Studios forum to see all of the events we'll be attending throughout the year