Good morning Gunslingers!
Today's daily takes a very quick look at auburn hair.
I used the following P3 paints:

  • Bloodstone,

  • Inferno Orange

  • Meaty Ochre

  • Mouldy Ochre

  • Menoth White

  • My trusty Artist Opus brushes.

Colour comparison: orange brown, intense orange, dark ochre, light ochre, dark bone

As I've been asked to show it, here's my palette with pre-mixes.


A base coat of 50/50 Bloodstone and Inferno Orange was applied in two passes to get a solid coat.


A mix of 1/1/1 Bloodstone, Inferno Orange and Meaty Ochre was applied to the major volumes.


Meaty Ochre was applied to the raised upwards facing areas


A mix of 1/1 Meaty Ochre and Mouldy Ochre was used to pick out individual strands and curls.


Mouldy Ochre was applied to the raised parts of individual strands and curls


Menoth White was applied as a final Highlight


The whole area was glazed back down with our first base coat to unify all the stages and you're done!