Good morning gunslingers!
I hope you all had a hobby filled Easter weekend - I certainly did!
Today's Daily looks at Enlightened skin tones. I've opted for a greenish version today as I've already done a grey/purple one somewhere on here!

I've used the following paints from P3:

  • Ordic Olive

  • Ryn Flesh

  • Thamar Black

  • Skorne Red

  • I used Size 1 and 000 Artist Opus brushes.

Paint Comparison: Pale pink, black, mid green and deep red.


The skin area is base coated Ordic Olive. This took two passes to get a solid coat. I airbrushed it to save time.


I blocked in the volumes roughly with a 5/1 mix of Ordic Olive and Ryn Flesh watered down 50/50. This was purely to give me an idea where the lights and shades are going to go.


The flesh areas received a wash of 50/50 Thamar Black and Ordic Olive. This was watered down around 75/25 and not allowed to pool.


First highlight was applied with a mix of 3/1 Ordic Olive/Ryn Flesh to the upwards facing areas.


The second highlight was applied with a mix of 1/1 Ordic Olive and Ryn Flesh


The third highlight was applied with a mix of 1/3 Ordic Olive and Ryn Flesh


The fourth highlight was applied with a mix of 1/9 Ordic Olive and Ryn Flesh


All flesh areas received a glaze of Ordic Olive watered down around 1/4


The veins and pure edge highlights were picked out in a thin layer of Ryn Flesh. This was watered down 1/1 to allow for the green to show through a little. This was applied in two passes to keep the highlights subtle.


A glaze of Skorne Red was applied to the veins and torn areas of skin in two passes to finish the job - and we're done!


What has Daz been painting today?

Well, that would be the Hex Beasts

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