Good morning Gunslingers!
Time for a very quick daily - this time we're taking a lightning fast look at teeth. This basic recipe can be used for bone and claws with no issues.
I've used the following P3 Paints:

  • Menoth White

  • Battlefield Brown

  • Meaty Ochre

  • Murderous Magenta

  • Morrow White

  • I used Artist Opus size 1 and 00 brushes.

Colour comparison: White, Bone, Sepia, Dark Brown, Magenta


Teeth are basecoated Menoth White Base. I applied this in two thin layers. (50/50 watered down)


The whole area was washed with Battlefield Brown watered down 75/25


Teeth were picked out with Menoth White Base, gums were given a wash of Murderous Magenta watered down 75/25


Teeth were highlighted with Morrow White, gums were highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Murderous Magenta and Morrow White.


The whole area was washed with Meaty Ochre watered down 75/25


The tips of the teeth were picked out with Morrow White and we're done!


What has Daz been painting today?

Well, that would be the mighty Wendigo

You can order your own Wendigo from us here or from your FLGS.