Our highly anticipated tour, beginning Summer 2017, is in full swing for the Second Edition of Wild West Exodus!

(because we are coming to YOU and get to see your face and everything)

Salute 2017 is where we had our first Alpha demos of Wild West Exodus Second Edition with all those lucky enough to be able to attend! The stand was busy all day and the overwhelming feedback was extremely positive. Players really liked the Action Cards and found the rules intuitive (no constant checking of the charts or rulebooks - BONUS).  

To show off our amazing Second Edition of Wild West Exodus and engage with the gaming community at large, we thought; what better way to do this than by coming by and saying hey?

The Warcradle Studio Demo Team travel the whole of the UK bringing their invaluable skills and quirks (Essex travels well, yes?) to clubs and game shops up and down the UK. Live outside of the UK? Don't fret! We want to carry Trailblazers overseas and would love for you to get in touch.

We want to give you all the opportunity to take advantage of this Roadshow and bring Wild West Exodus to your Club or FLGS!

When the Demo Team visits your club of FLGS, they will;
- Run demos of Wild West Exodus Second Edition (Beta).
- Run a feedback session about the new Second Edition.

They will also be able to run the following when booked in advance;
- Painting & Modelling Workshops.

The plan is for the tour to run through June and July, although we may run a few during May, you will be able to see a full list of events soon.

We love the Second Edition of Wild West Exodus and want to get people as excited for the next step of our miniatures wargame as we are. Being able to travel to and visit all the FLGS and Clubs out there gives us, and our community, an amazing opportunity to meet with and talk to all those who love Wild West Exodus. 

What are you waiting for? 

Get in touch and we will come play Wild West Exodus with you!

Does your FLGS already stock Wild West Exodus or has your Club Leader already got in touch with us? Excellent! They'll be able to contact their Rep and book themselves on the roadshow - a helpful reminder may not go amiss...

Your FLGS doesn't stock Wild West Exodus or your Club Leader hasn't got in touch? No worries! Fill in the information below (as much as you can) and we will contact them for you.

Contact Name
Contact Name
This could be the name of the FLGS, or a contact from the FLGS/Club
Phone Number for FLGS or Club Leader
Contact Address
Contact Address
Address of FLGS/Club

Get your FLGS/Club on the Roadshow map for Summer 2017!